If you are a Formula One fan, and you know all there is to know about the sport, then you will enjoy Rush. You will obviously know all the top racers, from Nigel Mansell to young Lewis Hamilton.

You will probably know about the sport’s history as far back as the Seventies, when James Hunt and Niki Lauda had a fierce rivalry. That said, you might be critical of this film because it is chiefly about them.

However, in the event that you are not a fan of the sport then you’d probably enjoy this more |and see it for what it is: a story based on true events.

We meet Hunt (Hemsworth) as|a young driver from a modest family. He gets a racing car and tries his best to impress big racing companies including Ferrari and McLaren. But he is not the only 20-something wide-eyed dreamer.

We then meet Lauda (Bruhl) who from the start appears to |be Hunt’s main competition.

The two drivers are the best of their generation, but it is unclear who is better. Hunt has great skills behind the wheel and is ever-so relentless on the road. Lauda may be almost as talented, but his added advantage is that he knows a thing or two about mechanics and can apply his knowledge to improving his car’s performance.

It is refreshing to see Hemsworth out of his Thor suit and trimmed down to a normal size. If this wasn’t the case he would probably not have been| able to fit into the tiny race cars.

Apparently the real James |Hunt was a party animal and Hemsworth manages to capture this well. From the drinking to the ladies, Hemsworth paints a picture of a maverick who had it all and didn’t know what to do with it.

Bruhl, on the other hand, portrays a much calmer Lauda who lives for racing more than anything else. Although he appears to hate Hunt, Lauda actually likes him and often plays the voice of reason part in his life.

The story is told from Lauda’s perspective with Bruhl narrating |it throughout.

For the racing novice, you|learn just what the fuss is about in Formula One. You get to under-stand technical things like why drivers take pit stops, why there are so many laps, how drivers communicate with their teams |and the points system of a racing season. Essentially, Rush is a crash- course for all those who might want to learn about the sport.

However, the lessons come in |a subtle fashion where more emphasis is placed on the story development than racing rules. It is not a Racing For Dummies handbook, but as you leave the cinema you might just be converted to liking the sport.

The director did a good job in spending equal time developing the characters and their feud off the racing course so you start to care for them and their actions on the race course in turn make sense.

This is a good effort from director Ron Howard.

If you liked Cars, Speed Racer and The Fast and the Furious franchise then you will like this.

DIRECTOR: Ron Howard

CAST: Daniel Bruhl, Chris Hemsworth, Olivia Wilde and Alexandra Maria Lara


RUNNING TIME: 123 minutes


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