From Infamous Super Bowl Snub to Global Movie Franchise, a Look Back at How the Campaign Shaped the Destination and Pop Culture Join the Conversation: Las @Vegas celebrates 10 years of "What happens here, stays here" with revamped campaign LAS VEGAS, Oct. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Las Vegas is a world-class vacation destination built on the principle of adult freedom, and no other tagline encapsulates this mentality better than the destination’s iconic “What happens here, stays here” advertising campaign.
This year marks the 10th anniversary of this award-winning campaign, and this Monday Las Vegas unveiled a reimagined take on the pop culture-entrenched slogan with a variation of the theme titled “Vegas Enablers.”
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Oct. 03–All Frank Kimmel has to do on Friday night at Kansas Speedway is show up.
Once he puts his Toyota through inspection for practice and qualifying for the Kansas Lottery 98.9, Kimmel will have clinched his 10th ARCA series championship before the final race of the season even starts.
While Kimmel’s nine titles are three more than anyone else in the 61-year history of the ARCA series, his 79 career wins are one shy of the all-time leader, six-time champion Iggy Katona, who won 80 races during 1953-77.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Fitch Ratings has affirmed three classes of notes issued by Porsche Innovative Lease Owner Trust 2012-1 as detailed below:
The Stable Outlook reflects Fitch’s expectation that the notes will remain sufficiently enhanced to cover stressed loss levels consistent with the current ratings.
Fitch will continue to monitor economic conditions and their impact and the trust level performance variables and update the ratings accordingly.

By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Journal of Transportation — Having commenced service to Chicago O’Hare in April, Qatar Airways was proud to sponsor the “Primo Classico Br’Italia”, a celebration of British and Italian automotive design, benefitting the Primo Center for Women and Children.

Hosted at Lake Forest Sportscars, the event featured world-class cuisine by Chicago area restaurants, specialty cocktails prepared by skilled guest mixologists and a showcase of privately-owned cars by Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley, and other legendary British and Italian automakers.

As a sponsor of “Primo Classico Br’Italia,” and having recently been named “World’s Best Business Class” by Skytrax, Qatar Airways provided a less terrestrial mode of luxury transportation by showcasing our award winning Boeing 777 Business Class. VIPs were welcome to experience the seat, which converts into a fully flatbed dressed in Frette Lines. sample lavish amenities and luxury features of the seat, while being treated to 5-star service by two members of the Qatar Airways’ award winning cabin crew.

Qatar Airways is pleased to be a part of this prestigious event and showcase our award-winning on-board product.” said Qatar Airways Chief Executive Officer Akbar Al Baker

Qatar Airways in-flight dining options include unique dishes by world-famous chefs, including Nobu Matsuhisa, Tom Aikens, Vineet Bhatia and Ramzi Choueiri. Additionally, Business Class passengers are treated to amenity kits by Salvatore Ferragamo, exquisite sleepwear and attentive turn-down service,17inch private TV screens to enjoy the airline’s fully-interactive, inflight entertainment system of over 1000 viewing options.

Now in its 28th year of operation, The Primo Center combats homelessness in the greater Chicago area by empowering women and children to become productive, responsible and independent members of their communities. The group provides transitional housing, counseling and support services including education, parental training and employment retention services.

Qatar Airways is proud to sponsor Primo Center as part of their ongoing support of charitable initiatives at both the local and global level. The airline is a lead sponsor of Educate a Child, a worldwide program that aims to significantly reduce the number of out-of-school children worldwide; an extension of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser of Qatar’s mandate as a UNESCO Special Envoy on Basic and Higher Education. The airline is also a contributing sponsor to the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation, the Chinese Youth Development Foundation and numerous community groups around the world, including the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington.

At Qatar Airways, we are committed to connect with the communities we serve, both in the air and on the ground. As we continue to grow and expand our worldwide community, it is essential to give back to the places we call home. The Primo Center is an excellent organization, which is providing a great service to this city. We hope our involvement will help them in their mission to empower women and children throughout Chicago,” added Al Baker.

Qatar Airways has seen rapid growth in just 16 years of operation, currently flying a modern fleet of 129 aircraft to 130 key business and leisure destinations worldwide.

Qatar Airways has so far launched nine destinations this year – Gassim (Saudi Arabia), Najaf (Iraq), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Chicago (USA), Salalah (Oman), Sulaymaniyah and Basra (Iraq), Chengdu (China), and Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).

Over the next few months, the network will expand with the addition of further destinations – Clark International Airport, Philippines (October 27) and Philadelphia, USA (April 2014).

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I have been driving Toyota cars for a long time. Now my friend in the UK is trying to impress me with an Isuzu Trooper. I am told its maintenance is very expensive and spare parts are rare. What is your experience with Isuzu Troopers?

The Isuzu Trooper comes from a renowned and time tested heritage. Trooper had two generations, launched in 1981 and 1991 respectively. The post 1996 model with a 3.0 litre turbo diesel engine is very popular in the United Kingdom.

It delivers a power output of 117KW / 157 HP @ 3,900 rpm and engine torque of 333Nm @2,000rpm. Fuel economy is 12.8 km / litre while acceleration from 0-100 kph is 16.5 seconds.

This impressive engine performance works well with the four-wheel drive transmission and Borg Warner gearbox which provides the limited slip differential (LSD) system. LSD ensures that the Trooper does not lose traction when one wheel slips by redistributing engine torque on a 50-50 ratio. You can shift from four-wheel drive high to low ratio while on the move (on the fly). This suitable for Ugandan on and off-road driving terrain. Trooper is robustly built to take on off-road challenges yet spacious enough to ensure comfort. There are concerns about fuel leakages from the injectors at 100,000kms, but that can be sorted out by replacing the O rings.

While suspension, body and non-service parts are pricy, there are a couple of dealers available and you have the option of used parts from the brokers. In any case the genuine parts fitted will work for a long time. It is a delicate balance between the benefits of driving this solid off-roader and a little price to pay for it.

I recently bought a BMW 3 series AL 318i. I have been advised to use only European engine oil and lubricants. Where can I get such? Please advise on any other issues I need to know so I effectively maintain and enjoy the car. James.

BMW recommends the use of fully synthetic engine oil with a viscosity index suitable for temperature range 5W-30. In Europe, there are several recommended leading brands of synthetic oil such as Shell Helix Ultra. In Uganda Shell Helix Ultra is available.

This synthetic oil is developed in Europe for leading high performance car brands. It meets the temperature and viscosity performance range of 5W-30. Helix Ultra is a scientifically formulated fully synthetic engine oil which works in both diesel and petrol engines. It has active cleansing detergents which remove dirt and sludge deposits in the engine bores. The synthetic properties provide long term oxidation stability and maintain the recommended viscosity grade throughout the service schedule. Helix Ultra’s high shear stability reduces oil volatility.

This ensures 37 per cent better and longer lasting engine protection, better cold starts as well as fuel efficiency and overall engine performance. Shell Helix Ultra meets the declared service requirements of Mercedes Benz 229.5, BMW LL-01, VW 502 00 as well as Porsche.

World class performance engines built by Ferrari exclusively use Helix Ultra in their street cars and Formula one racing cars. To enjoy the use of your BMW, pay attention to the mileage covered on the clock as it will give an indication of required filter and fluid changes.

A mileage close to or above 100,000kms requires a renewal of transmission fluid (filter and pan gasket), engine coolant, engine oil, differential fluid, brake and steering fluid. Cabin AC filters, air filter and fuel filter should be checked or replaced. Check the brake pad width, fuel lines and brake caliper pistons for corrosion damage (from Europe’s winter snow salt). Lastly, check suspension and tyre condition and specifications to ensure that you are not driving on winter tyres. Find a BMW service technician with a diagnostic computer to reset your service clock after an oil change. There are several in town.

My Nissan Primera starts and runs. The gear picks and suddenly the speedometer drops to zero and the engine may stop. What could be the cause? Gearbox, fuel filter or CI system? Okwir.

It would be useful to know whether you are driving a Nissan Primera P11 or P12 , the specific engine size, transmission type (whether it is a CVT) or not, year of manufacture and mileage. This information helps determine the cause of your problem. The speedometer of your car gets the signal from a speed sensor attached to the transmission, once it fails your speedometer will not work well. An engine stalling can be caused by a wide range of factors. When this happens of course the speedometer gauge will also drop.

Your technician should confirm the condition of the wiring and connections to the battery terminals. A computer diagnosis would be useful to rule out failure of electronic sensors like the crankshaft sensor or vehicle speed sensor. Check the engine for loose vacuum piping, establish the condition of your air filter, fuel filter and spark plugs. Replace them where necessary.

You should inspect the complex CVT (continuously variable transmission) to confirm hydraulic fluid condition and confirm performance with a computer diagnosis. Broken down CVT transmissions will cause engine stalling.

Exotics Racing is proud to be a sponsor in the upcoming It Ain't Chemo Cancer Warriors Celebrity & Silent Auction event being held at Stoney's Rockin Country on October 23 from 6-10pm.

It Ain’t Chemo is a non-profit organization based in Las Vegas that offers help to people fighting cancer by providing comfort and care supplies, advice, and emotional support. The funds raised by It Ain’t Chemo are 100% used to benefit our Cancer Warriors and assist them with their needs.

London — The European legislation – and the various disparate versions from each member state – has not taken a call yet on what sort of automated vehicles can be permitted on public roads for personal use. Although the purpose of the automated driving initiative is supposed to take road safety to the next level, the current legislative vacuum is hindering automakers from launching their automated vehicles they have in store. BMW and Mercedes-Benz have already developed production-ready automated vehicles, which are capable of commuting on a driverless mode. They have chosen however, to disable the functionality due to legislative and real-world imperatives, restricting it to merely assist in traffic jam situations and parking manoeuvres.

At the same time Google is making an impressive step forward with its self-driving vehicle project. For a non-automotive participant, this creates sufficient attention for a participant such as Google moving outside its core competence. While traditional automakers such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, and others are yet to make a firm statement on the confirmed launch of vehicles with highly- and fully-automated modes at a decided price, Google is going all out to create vehicles that do not need a driver inside. It remains to be seen, if consumers will trust the likes of a Google in any manoeuvre other than navigation, app-based POI information, etc.

Contrary to popular belief, Google’s self-driving vehicle project is not going to disrupt the way vehicles are made, says Frost & Sullivan Team Leader Automotive & Transportation, Prana T. Natarajan. Just as automakers have started adding a socket for an aux-cable or a USB slot, they will ensure that their vehicles are Google-X ready. For that matter, Google may not even be the only non-automotive participant in the space for too long.

Legislation and the efforts of traditional automakers aim at ensuring that potentially self-driving vehicles reduce the probability of road-crashes. Google, on the other hand, is looking at the same as a potential business opportunity to leverage technology to ensure that driver distraction does not result in dangerous situations, as the vehicle drives itself. For Google, it is clearly about connecting the dots. Their solution portfolio covers a plethora of commuting-related services such as connected navigation, Location-based Services either through Google Now or using a pair of Google glasses, Mr. Natarajan continues. They have the ability to liaise with channel partners to put internet into the cars and ensure that the occupants spend more time using some sort of a Google application or the other; one potential application while outside of such a Google-vehicle is to bring you one, say, as an automated taxi, should you need help in case of a breakdown. So, all it takes for them is a vehicle that can drive itself so that people maximise their time using Google’s solutions.

In the United Kingdom however, wearing Google glasses while driving is a punishable offense. Google is, therefore, trying to shift the driving responsibility from the driver to an automated driving module, so that the human driver is downgraded to an occupant of the vehicle, free to use Google glasses, legally so. A strategic action point for Google to consider would be to cooperate with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) which do not have an action plan to launch an automated driving vehicle in the near future; even more so, with OEMs that do not have the best of ADAS and connectivity systems in their portfolio. Google’s solution could be a packaged bundle that takes a two-pronged approach of both active safety and in-vehicle connectivity. A possible proposition is to fit an optional Google-X add-on to a capable vehicle model, on the condition that the OEM would avail of an infotainment package from Google. The much ado about Software-over-the-air and Firmware-over-the-air need not result in nothing, if this proposition is a reality. Thus, the idea would be one of Google making Android-like automated driving modules, compatible with a specific list of cars.

In the future we will see a set of OEMs who offer proprietary automated cars and the likes of Google fitting certain other cars with an automation module and a Google-powered infotainment unit, lest the occupants be bored to death, Mr. Natarajan says. One should not be surprised to see Apple entering this space, considering the popularity of the iPhone in markets where automated cars are likely to be launched first. Another prospect is, of course, Microsoft. Today Microsoft possesses the right mix of business solutions that are needed to enter this space. It could just be a matter of time.

Apple has also established an automated vehicle research arm. Google and Apple are the two big names that have revolutionised digital media: in your pocket as a phone, on your desk as a tablet or a computer, in the living room as a television; and now, both giants are likely to provide the customer with an infotaining environment on the move as you are seated in a vehicle. In the automated driving space, much like their electronic advent, one could expect Google to be hardware-agnostic, creating adaptable platforms (perhaps even opensource), whereas Apple could be looking to leverage its technical prowess in sleek hardware development and purpose-built software for the same.

What one can expect in the next five years is a vehicle that is capable of driving itself but still holds the driver responsible for the driving task; some cars make driving decisions more often than others, which is referred to as the divide between semi- and highly-autonomous cars. Fully-autonomous cars do not require a human to be present inside to drive the vehicle. As a consequence, such a vehicle will not need the same architecture as a vehicle of the present day: steering wheel, brake-pedal, throttle, gear-shift, parking brake, etc., could all be removed and the vehicle would have more space for comfort, convenience, and infotainment features throughout. If such a vehicle would not need a driver inside, this is likely to pave way for a whole new business model, named driving-as-a-service, which – similar to software-as-a-service – works on a thin-client mode, whereby the hardware at the remote site needs to be compatible only with the interface rather than being capable of running the background codes, and vehicles of the future may only need to provide inputs to a driver seated outside of the vehicle.

Such a scenario however, requires road-operators, infrastructure providers (smart-grid, V2X, among others), telecom operators, telematics service providers, insurance companies, and also fleet operators as stakeholders. If these entities come together and help legislation formulate the most practical and most appropriate set of regulations, we then have cars that drive themselves, under someone’s monitoring, Mr. Natarajan concludes. Even in tunnels, such vehicles can follow non-automated manually driven vehicles, if concerns exist about connectivity losses. But whatever be the case, there need to be multiple redundancies such as duplicate telematics boxes, dual connectivity modules, V2X on top of telematics & ADAS, to name a few.

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  Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) an nounced last night at a press conference its plans for the upcoming Six Hours of Bahrain endurance race, that will take place on November 29 in Sakhir. In attendance were BIC Chief Executive, Shaikh Salman bin Isa Al Khalifa, FIA WEC Chief Executive Officer, Gerard Neveu and Toyota Racing driver Alexander Wurz. The Bahrain round is the eighth and final one of the 2013 FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC). This year’s championship follows the debut season held last year and has had races in the UK, Belgium, France, Brazil, the US so far with Japan and China to follow shortly and for the second straight year, Bahrain has the privilege of being the championship’s only Middle East round of the season. Further details about the upcoming two-day spectacle of endurance racing were revealed at the circuit premises in Sakhir. BIC Chief Executive Shaikh Salman said: “We are very excited and proud to once again host the Six Hours of Bahrain for the second time in a row as the championship’s only Middle East race and bring the energy and the spirit of Le Mans racing to motorsport fans in the region. This category of motorsport has a very rich history; its very essence has been derived from the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France, which is also part of the WEC. “We had a fantastic response to the debut Six Hours of Bahrain last year and there’s going to be even more excitement and entertainment this time around and give the fans another amazing weekend and another unforgettable motorsport and entertainment event at BIC,” said Shaikh Salman. Mr. Neveu commented: “We would like to thank the people of Bahrain for their warm welcome for the FIA World Endurance Championship. We’d also like to thank Shaikh Salman and the team at the BIC for making the 6 Hours of Bahrain possible and for their full support. We hope that being held later this year in November, with cooler temperatures, will mean more people will come out to see our cars and drivers. “We have more cars on the grid in 2013 and the quality of the teams and drivers has provided world class entertainment all around the world, from Europe to Brazil and the United States and later this month in Fuji, Japan and Shanghai on November 9. “Working with the BIC, the ACO and FIA we found a world class facility and Bahrain is the perfect stage to establish the event as the best sports car race in the Middle East and we look forward to being here in November.” Around 30 of the world’s fastest and most prestigious sports cars, run by the world’s premiere international autosport teams will comprise the grid of participants, amongst them are former Formula One drivers Alex Wurz, Allan McNish, Nick Heidfeld, Sebastien Buemi and Anthony Davidson as well as other talents who will look to make a mark at the November grand finale. Drivers will work in turns, swapping places behind the wheel a number of times as the six hours wear on. Competitions will take part in four car classes the Le Mans Prototype 1 (LMP1), LMP2, Le Mans Grand Touring Endurance ­Pro (LMGTE Pro) and LMGTE Am. Similar to Formula One, WEC racing requires participating vehicles to meet stringent technical specifications and configurations. Le Mans Prototype cars are the fastest closedwheel racing cars in circuit racing today and can reach maximum speeds even higher than Formula One cars.

LMGTE cars are grand tourer race cars.

The strict regulations help to even out the playing field which, in turn, results in more exciting racing action. The winners will be crowned in each of the four classes.  Racing is on BIC’s 5.412-kilometre Grand Prix track, with closed doors action on November 28 with practice sessions. The first open day to the public will be November 29 when qualifying for the next day’s race will be held. The Six Hours of Bahrain is then scheduled to flag off at 3pm on November 30 and end at 9pm at night. Alexander Wurz who first drove on the track in Sakhir 10 years ago said, “With the race now in November, it will be cooler for the spectators and the drivers compared to last year and more comfortable for all concerned. ” The race will feature an open paddock area, giving fans the chance to wander in one of the WEC’s busiest zones and take in the sights and behind-the-scenes action at the WEC. Fans will be able to have a closer look at team buildings and check out the teams at work in their respective garages and a chance to see the WEC’s premiere drivers as they roam around the area throughout the day. An autograph session along the pit lane is also on the cards, for a chance of a lifetime to meet some of the championship’s biggest stars. Support races on the sidelines include the opening round of the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Middle East, India’s MRF Challenge and the homegrown BIC 2,000cc Challenge. Plenty of action is available off-track for all the family in a fun-filled weekend with a great line-up of entertainment attractions located besides the Le Mans Spirit Club which includes a main stage and colourful shows presented. There will be live performances by top local bands including the Awesome People, Alderon, the Legendz, the Gumz Filipino band and popular DJ John Revox and a vast array of entertainment for children including stage shows, roaming characters, carnival games and face painters. Tickets are priced at BD20 for adults and BD10 for children aged from three to 12 year, while children aged up to three will enter for free. Tickets to BIC’s Le Mans Spirit Club cost BD200 and give holders a premium viewing experience coupled with the club’s world class hospitality. All ticket-holders will be able to watch the on-track action from two locations, the Main Grandstand offering views of the main straight, the pit lane, the team garages and the winners’ podium;and the Batelco Grandstand the action on the inner track. For more information on the Six Hours of Bahrain, visit or call the circuit hotline on +973-17-450000.  


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